1. Making a Bracha on Niagra Falls 2. After Seeing Great Lakes Ref: OC 228:

#1 Does one make a bracha on Seeing Niagra Falls
#2: If you had seen the GREAT LAKES and made a bracha ( do you? ) would you make a separate brach on consequently seeing Niagra Falls ( See answer to Question # 1)
On same day
On alternate day


  1. Yes
  2. Each thing would get a new Bracha even on the same day.

Last summer I visited Zion National Park and I asked the Rav when do I say a Oseh Maaseh Bereshit as the entire park is just one wonder after the next and he said every time you see a wondrous site that you didn’t see before, you make a bracha. Based on this, every time I reached the peak or end of a trail, I said a Bracha and ended up making multiple brachas in one day.

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I discussing with a friend ,your answer( and the same answer I received from the Rabbi)…some things I need to understand better…

How many Brochos would you say in these scenarios

  1. Niagara falls….Different view from Canadian and American side?

  2. Riding alomg Smokey Mountains…different views as you drive along?

  3. Any high point on a mountain , where you can look in multiple directions and see amazing different views

  • Killington Peak. Vermont
  • Mt.Washington( White mountains)
  • Clingmans Dome -NC
  1. “Stunning” sunsets

  2. Flying in an airplane over varying landscapes.

  3. North or south rim of Grand Canyon
    ad infinitum :slight_smile:

  4. My friend questioned how many times you could make a bracha on the same “land mass” just because you are viewing it from different locations…