Adding water to a drying out cholent on shabbos


Is Adding water from a kli sheni to a drying out cholent on shabbes muttar?
I saw a pri megadim in Siman שיח
That’s says it is assur,
Thank you


It’s Assur


Even if the water is still boiling?


Technically the water wouldn’t be boiling in a kli sheni, but you are correct that if the water is still hot (yad soledet) you may add water to the cholent.

This is true if there is a blech. Therefore the question at hand is related to Chazarah.
However, if there is no blech, one may not add water the the cholent.


When adding water, the cup shouldn’t be put down at any point.
Fill up from the urn and put it straight into the cholent.