Balsamic vinegar, wine vinegars, vinegars

Hi there,
Someone asked me about the kashrut of these 3 items. I am assuming they are all kosher but just wanted to double check. The only questionable one was the first, but from reading other posts on this site I learned that with regard to balsamic vinegar and red or white wine vinegars: they are ok when listed in ingredients, and also on their own.

Please confirm this is ok and clarify if there is an instance when it would NOT be ok to have balsamic or red/white wine vinegars.

Also, when vinegar or distilled vinegar are listed as an ingredient or on their own, they are considered to be kosher as well. Vinegar alone has to be apple cider vinegar and distilled vinegar needs further checking for pesach to see if it is derived from hametz. Please confirm.

Thanks for all your help!

  1. Balsamic vinegar and red or white wine vinegars all require kosher certification. Not sure where you see on this forum otherwise.

  2. “Vinegar” is always apple cider vinegar. But distilled vinegar can be chametz and requires research.

Now I do have a rather interesting insight. The Kroger Company used to have OU certified white and red wine vinegar. But trying to save money, they stopped getting them certified. However nothing has changed in the processing procedure.

Do you have any documentation or other proof that this is factual. Companies use this excuse when supervision is removed for real reasons.