Batel beShishim versus Afilu be-Elef

I understand the concept of batel beshishim, but am a little confused about the application of that standard pre-Pesah, as opposed to post-Pesah. Is it true that the standard of scrutiny, once Pesah begins, becomes ‘afilu be-Elef’, i.e., no possibility of Hamess is tolerable?

Is this why certain things can be purchased before Mo’ed and used on Mo’ed, but cannot be purchased after the start of Mo’ed?

Indeed once Pesach begins the rule of Afilu B’elef Lo Batel kicks in. This applies to Chametz that is forbidden to possess on Pesach that was mixed into non Chametz.
Before Pesach, Chametz is Batel B’shishim

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Thank you, Yisrael. One follow-up question, based on your feedback.

If I want to buy a carton of yoghurt or milk during Pesah, that is approved by the Abadis but does not have a Hechsher, is it subject to ‘Batel beShishim’, because it was packaged before Pesah or is it subject to ‘Afilu beElef’ and therefore prohibited on Pesah?

By the way, I expected to get an answer from one of the Rabbi Abadis - do they have a team of Poskim?

That’s a good question. This gets into a topic known as Chozer Vene’or. Which gets into whether something that was batel before pesach can become “un-batel”
Long story short you can buy Abadi approved yogurts without having to rely on shishim or elef.

Some of the moderators are not abadis. I am Rabbi Abadi (senior) chavrusa. I think we’re all on the same page though.

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Thank you so much for taking the time - really very nice.

Mo’adim leSimha - Pesah Sameah!

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