Beracha Peanut butter

Shalom, Given that Hacham Abadi holds that the proper blessing on orange juice is HaEtz since the oranges are grown for the Juice. Does the same principle apply to any modern industry products grown for a specific purpose? For example peanuts grown for peanut butter would the proper blessing be HaAdamah? or apples for apple juice be HaEtz? etc…


You are correct.

Peanut butter. Mashed potatoes. Pringle’s. All Hadama

Apple juice is Haetz.


  1. Does the product need to be 100% juice to qualify as “ha-ets”? Juices are usually diluted with water.

  2. Based on the above, does this mean Chocolate is ha-etz???


Product does not need to be 100% juice but if it’s too diluted with water then it would not be haetz.

Chocolate is haetz.