Bob's red mill gluten free products

Bob’s red mill seems to consider oatmeal to be gluten free. They sell oatmeal on the package is labeled gluten-free oatmeal.

So that means that the same Machinery that they use to produce all the other gluten free products is also used to produce the gluten-free oatmeal product.

Are we to worry that once this dry product is mixed with water during Pesach if it contains oatmeal then it could potentially become hamets?

You lost me.
The oats we do not approve.
The products that do not contain oats, but are processed on machines that are periodically used for oats. These non-oats products do not contain oats.
They’re therefore ok.

If you are worried about cross contamination, that’s only an issue with allergies. From an halachic perspective they do not pose a problem.

I hope I was able to clarify. Otherwise please explain

The reason I’m asking is because in Yalkut Yosef he mentions that cumin is problematic (in Israel only? Or used to be problematic?) because it’s planted near wheat and gets cross contaminated.

Since hames is batel b’shishim before Pesach but not after, the concern is that any ground wheat in the cumin is not yet hames until you wet it. So wetting it on Pesach is problem. His solution is to wet the cumin before Pesach and takes care of the problem.

So my question is if we have to worry about Bob’s Red Mill gluten free products that, just as the cumin may be contaminated with wheat, may be contaminated with oats.


As I said

I cannot tell you what they were dealing with in Israel several decades ago. But here in the USA there is not a problem.