Can I squeeze out the juice from a tuna can on shabbat?

Can I squeeze out the juice from a tuna can on shabbat?

It’s allowed.

can I use the lid of the can to do this?

Yes you may

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Hi Rabbi, why is squeezing the oil-water-juice out of a tuna can not “borrer”? Is it because many eat it as is so it would be likened to straining wine during the “gat” season where everyone drinks unstrainted wine?

See Ohr Yitzchak Volume 2, Siman 165

If one has sauce on chicken can he remove the sauce in order to reheat it Shabbos morning על גבי קדרה
is it borrer ? if it is permitted can he squeeze the chicken as well or only what’s on top

Look Sefer אור יצחק in סימן קסה that says not to because it’s not comparable to the case of קיסמן in the wine

If the sauce is just congealed gravy from the meat, it can be reheated as is. Otherwise, remove the chicken from the sauce (do not pour the sauce out) and pat it down and your good to go. No need to squeeze the chicken.

Thank you so much
Can you please explain why he cannot pour out the sauce is it borer and why would the oil from the tuna be any different?

Because the Rav considers tuna in water or oil to be considered one thing and therefore Borer would not apply whereas Chicken and sauce would be considered two things and therefore an issue.

Thank you so to clarify why would patting Down be ok inevitably sauce will be removed so why is that not borer ?

Because we dont consider that a mixture when its just lying on top. You need to first have a mixture before an issue of Borer arises.

Thank you so why is chicken and sauce borer if the sauce is on top you wrote earlier I need to take the chicken from the sauce

so to clarify can I pour out and remove the sauce or dressing whatever is on top of the chicken?

Some liquid that is on top of a piece of chicken is not considered a mixture. Chicken sitting in a pan of sauce is considered a mixture. Therefore pouring the sauce out is considered borrer.

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