Ceramic knives etc.

Can I use my ceramic knife that I use all year round for vegetables on Pesach without special kashering? Also potato peelers?

I just want to say that I’ve been following your site for a few years now and am so grateful to you for putting both sense and joy back into the holiday.

Thank you.

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Hi just to check…

Clean metal knives are fine even if used with non kosher etc? We don’t need to be worried about dHiina dsakina?

For instances knives at work used by non-Jews for their food, as long as clean can we cut with them?



Are you asking about Pesach or for all year? Why do you assume that knives used with non kosher food may be used for your kosher food? The only question you had previously asked was about your kosher knives and potato pealer from all year being used on Pesach and whether they need koshering for use on Pesach.

Disclaimer to all viewers of this website: do not assume anything. We give very specific answers to the very specific questions asked. One may not deduce anything from our answers to apply the ruling to seemingly similar cases or otherwise.