Ceramic stove and tile Countertop

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How to kasher? Not sure if you can see pics… have electric ceramic top stove and also ceramic tile and grouted countertops.

Neither needs Kashering. Just clean well with soap. Be sure to get the cracks cleaned well on the counters. If you cannot get to the cracks well, then this would be a type of counter that would be appropriate to cover with something.


So even though there is about a half inch of grout between each tile, I just have to clean it well?

If there’s a possibility of chames getting stuck in the cracks while you prepare food on Pesach, and that chames ends up in your Pesach food, then, Houston, we got a problem.
Hames on Pesach is not batel, so even if there’s less than 1/60th, you can’t eat it.
Additionally, I wouldn’t think that is sanitary even year round. I guess it depends on the quality of the grouting job.

If you can clean it well enough and with some king of soap to ascertain that if any particles remain they were deemed inedible, then you’re good. If not, then either cover it or don’t prepare food directly on those counters on Pesach.