Chadash and Yashan

I know this question has been posted before but it wasnt so clear.
I heard the Rav is somech on the Aruch Hashulchan to say that Chadash Is Taluy Baaretz but it seems that the aruch hashulchan wrote it בשעת הדחק as well as the ב״ח and other achronim who matir it.
I’ve also heard that most of the wheat in america is in fact Chadash.
So what is the rav somech on to allow it?

Option 2
Most or all wheat in the US is Yashan

Only most. And what if i eat from the chelek with is chadash

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You don’t need to suspect that you may end up eating from something that isn’t yashan

A little late.
So Rav Yitzchak Abadi from Lakewood himself said that you can eat hadash in America because you are most probably eating what is really yashan. and even though theres a risk of in fact eating chadash.
One more question Who showed him this metziut and whats the source?
also is it muttar even lechatchila because many many poskim said its assur
thanks alot

Incorrect. Rav Abadi never said one may eat Hadash in America. He said we can eat wheat in America if we don’t know whether it is chadash or not. But for something you know for sure is Hadash you would not be permitted to eat it.

Rav Abadi was one of the first people in Lakewood that only ate foods that he was sure were yashan. The rest of the town ate everything.

Later on the Rav found during his research that companies we lying and was therefore able to rule that we can eat it in America if we don’t know for sure whether it’s yashan or not. That’s when everyone else decided to only eat yashon.

It is mutar even lechatchila.

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Hey thanks for the response. How about nowadyas where theres a list of exactly what is yashan and what is hadash

What lists are you referring to? How do they know what is or isnt Hadash if the farmers may be lying?

some hechsherim put out lists. and how do we know that they lied

The hechsherim are not liying. They are being lied too.
That is, once the fact exists that the farming industry has reason not to be totally truthful we no longer rely on them for this information and we are now back to a situation that we have a safek. A safek alone is not enough and the Rav has a ruling that encompasses many facets among them Chadash in chutz learetz and more than one safek. (details of which at present are beyond the scope of this post).

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also why dont we say Safek Dooriyta Lchumra

Hey thanks for the response. Why dont we say Safek Dooriyta Lchumra and not eat it? Sorry, not holding in the sugya. Also are you 100% sure the rav doesnt rely on the Aruh Hashulchan.
Also I heard that today there is no more safek since there are lists that say exactly what is and isnt chadash.
I also heard that in America all wheat is Chadash

Can I find this ruling in Ohr Yitzchak?