Chametz she'avar alav hapesach beer company

There’s an American beer company whose products are not kosher certified because it is owned by a Jew who does not sell the chametz for pesach. Knowing this, is it permitted to drink that company’s beer?

Religious Jew that doesn’t sell or an unaffiliated Jew? Tell us more.

I don’t know; there is no evidence that I could find on the Web that indicates that he is observant at all, and some clues that indicate that he’s not. My guess would be a confident “no.”

When you go to the store and pull the bottle off the shelf you have no idea whether that bottle was owned by a Jew during Pesach or maybe it was delivered to the store before Pesach. Therefore you made buy it and drink it.

If however you know with certainty that the bottle in your hand was owned by a Jew during Pesach, that would be a problem.

The Rav has always told us we can purchase from any store shortly after pesach because we dont know anymore whether the item was owned by a Jew over pesach. Maybe they got new deliveries or maybe it was delivered before pesach…