Children playing on Shabbat



Are children under bar mitzvah allowed to play on Shabbat and while doing so perform melachot?

Thank you!


Please elaborate with more specifics.

  • can kids play with a parachute toy over a balcony tied to a string to pull it back up again where there is no eruv?

  • carrying a ball in and out of the house where there is no eruv?

  • carrying in and out a go-kart where there is no eruv? Driving such a go-kart on a private but open street?

  • playing at a sand playground by digging and wetting the sand?

  • riding a neighbour’s bike?

The kids are under bar mitzvah. Until how old can they do this before becoming bar mitzvah?

Thank you!


Use your judgment. Chinuch starts when they can understand.