China Not Fully Glazed?

I have glazed china dishes that are used throughout the year. I noticed that the bottoms of the dishes are rough in comparison to the rest of the dish that is smooth. I am assuming that during the baking process in the factory, the glaze over there came off. I am not certain that this is due to wear and tear because some of the dishes are new and their bottom is also rough.
Does this pose a problem for Passover since there seems to not be as much (or any) glaze at the bottom of the dishes? These are microwave safe, so some have been used in a microwave while others haven’t.

Thank you

I’m assuming you don’t usually cook on the bottom of the plate.

I don’t :grin:
Thank you and chag sameach!

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:slight_smile: you too

Hi, does this apply if the edge of a plate is chipped, or would that not be useable for Pesach?

The edge of the plate isn’t the problem. If the part of the plate that the food sits on is cracked, I would recommend that you don’t use that plate. It isn’t safe to use cracked china.
It could pose a problem if you microwave something on such a plate, as it would then be a keli rishon.

Thank you Rabbi Abadi have a great Yom Tov!

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