Community norms

Hello Tabbaim,

What is one’s obligation to adhere to his or her community’s kashrut norms if they differ from the rulings issued here?

And a thanks to all at Ohel Torah for helping me understand the halachot of kashrut at my level of learning!


Community norms is a social construct not an halachic
concept (except when there is a singular community appointed Rav and Beis Din which hasnt happened in a long time). The only obligation one has from an Halachic perspective is to the one Rav that they have decided for themselves to follow regardless of what people do around him.

Hi, can you provide the source that one has an obligation to follow one Rav in all matters?

Thank you!

The רשב״א בתשובות. I’ll find it and let you know

חלק א’ סימן רנג

Thanks for sharing this.

Do the admins of this site expect that all people who ask kashrut ingredients questions follow Rav Abadi on all other matters of halacha? Unless someone lives in Lakewood or has purchased Ohr Yitzchak (and has the skills to learn it on their own) that seems quite difficult.

No we do not. The best is for you to find a Rov that you can ask your questions and follow him


Thank you so much for the rapid reply, and G-d should continue to bless your work.