COVID aliyot

What is the proper way to have aliyot during the pandemic? Should the baal koreh take all the aliyot, or is it better to give them to other people but have them say the brachot from their seat?

I know different shuls are handling this differently. Curious as to how Rav Abadi feels about it.

People presented many of these options to the Rav but the Rav insisted that we have aliyot like the rest of the year. The Baal Koreh should not take all the aliyot nor should the others make the bracha from their seats.

Kriyat HaTorah should be done during this ‘pandemic’ just as we would any week.


Why did you put the word pandemic in quotes?

Its debatable if this is even a virus pandemic or a scare pandemic. Now that the data is in its pretty clear that this ‘pandemic’ wasn’t any worse than the flu we have every year. Most of the number are skewed because at least in America they wrote COVID-19 on any person that died so long as they tested positive even if its clear they did not die from the virus. For example, say if someone was killed in a motor vehicle accident but also tested positive for covid-19 their death certificate would say cause of death: covid-19. This is just one of the ways the numbers were skewed. Now the CDC is trying to clear this up.

The scary thing is we shut down our shuls and yeshivot because we were told its the deadliest virus ever but its was all a big lie. It was deadly. True. But we dont shut down our shuls and yeshivot for the flu even though the flu kills hundreds of thousands of people each year.

I can keep going but thats not the purpose of this website.

How do you handle safety concerns? I’ve seen some shuls use plexiglass dividers between the baal koreh and the person receiving the aliyah. is that acceptable?

What specifically are you concerned about?

Wash your hands with soap. Eat and sleep well and do some exercise so your body is healthy and has the energy to fight off any virus. If someone doesn’t feel well then stay home and don’t put others at risk. Avoid shaking hands.

If you are immune compromised then take some extra precautions. Otherwise you should do the same things you do during flu season because this is really no different.

Are you expressing the rav’s opinion or your own?

The above statement was my own. I will tell you though, the Rav did not wear a mask at any point. The Rav was against closing the shuls and yeshivot. Precautions needed to be taken but not to completely shut down shuls and yeshivot. In the Ravs shul there are no plexiglass dividers. We were the last shul to shut down and the first to reopen. We only shut because too many people we scared and we didnt get a minyan. Once people realized it wasnt so bad and people started going outside again the minyan resumed.

I want to add some perspective.

We also now know that the CDC’s total deaths 806k for COVID-19 actually includes anyone that died during the pandemic and also tested positive for COVID-19 even if they clearly didn’t die from the virus. So the real deaths from Covid is a fraction of 806k.

I’ll leave you with a few questions.

  1. How many deaths is considered enough to warrant mask wearing and shutting down Shuls and Yeshivot? I assume 315,000-650,000 deaths is not enough because otherwise we would all be wearing masks every flu season.

Every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses.

  1. Seeing the numbers presented are you at all surprised at smokers that lecture us about wearing masks?

  2. How about those that speed and drive recklessly. Are we coming after them with the same conviction as we come after people not wearing masks? More people die every year from traffic accidents than Covid-19.

  3. About 4 million people die each year from diabetes. Do you see anyone forcing fast food chain to shutter?

If we are so concerned about every life we should at least be consistent and care about EVERY life which includes shutting down the highways until we flatten the curve of motor vehicle accidents. We should shut down all fast food restaurants until we flatten the curve of diabetes and obesity deaths.

There is no denying the CODID-19 has claimed many lives, even people we knew well. It’s horrible. But there are thing we should do and things we need not do to protect ourselves. We do not tell people to lock themselves in their homes away from people their entire lives to protect them from every virus out there. Hashem created our bodies with the ability to fight virus (99% of people beat COVID-19 without issue).

Ps. To those sending hate mail because you disagree with us please understand that we do not all have to agree and we are not here to convince anyone of anything. This site is for those that want to follow Rav Abadi. We do not get into fights over the idea that others may disagree with our opinions. I hope you understand we will not approve posts that are full of hate.

Can you discuss about wearing a mask outside on Shabbat. Not that I believe masks work, but the shuls require them (can be resolved by leaving a mask in Shul, or taking one there),
The issue is carrying a mask on Shabbat (even wearing it). If not can it be an issue of Hillul Hashem with having a Kippa on one’s head (and suit) and not walking with a mask outside?

Tha Rav holds that it is considered carrying to wear a mask outside. There shouldn’t be an issue of chilul Hashem as no state (yet) requires a mask outdoors as long as social distancing is maintained.

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Would it be permissible to wear a “neck gaiter” like this outside an eruv? If the concern with a regular mask is that you might take it off, that seems like less of a concern with a gaiter.

This would be no different than a scarf as it wraps your neck and would be ok