Creams on Shabbat

Would an everyday eye cream of this texture be ok on Shabbat? Also is white cream considered a color?

What is the purpose of this cream? Why do people use it?

It’s daily under eye cream I guess overtime could help with fine lines wrinkles dark circles . I also have a similar face cream. I use eye cream and face cream or serums every day. Wasnt sure if I was allowed to continue on Shabbat ?

Do you rub it into the skin or it’s a surface cream?

You rub it into the skin

Ok if you put it on every day

Why don’t you allow a healthy person who is taking vitamins daily to take on Shabbos then if you hold daily consumption is not a violation of refuah on Shabbos
Please explain why you feel vitamin are different
Thank you

The reason for the above cream is NOT refuah related. It is a luxuriant, and the only reason it is permissible on shabbos is because you do it each day. If it was in fact that the skin was cracked or otherwise in need of some sort of medical intervention, it would NOT be permissible due to refuah, unless it was bad enough that a medical practitioner was advising it.