Crispix ok for Pesach?

rice,milled corn,sugar,salt,molasses,brown rice syrup,baking soda,turmeric extract powder

thank you

No good

Which ingredient is no good?

Brown rice syrup contains malt flavoring. I just looked it up and it seems like the recipe may have changed.
So I’m not sure…

Malt from Brown Rice?

It’s one of ingredients in the syrup. Not just plain rice. If you can verify that it’s gluten free that would be great. Send me a link

Did a little more digging. It’s ok for sephardim on Pesach. (They would have to list malt in the ingredients list in the US)

Hi is this still ok for sepharadim this year? Rice, miller corn, sugar, salt, brown rice syrup, baking soda, turmeric extract dolor.