Cut Fruit from a large supermarket (Trader Joe’s or Fairway)

Hi there,
Trader Joe’s sells fresh cut fruit in plastic containers with no hechsher. Fairway Market sells fresh cut fruit with and without Chaf-K Hechsher. Is it permissible year round to purchase fresh cut fruit without a hechsher? Further, is it permissible to purchase this fruit on Passover?

Thank you for the amazing work that you do!!

All year yes
Pesach no

Is this applicable to all major supermarkets? IE places like Whole Foods, Stop & shop, giant, Safeway, etc?

Do we need to confirm anything about the knives?

Are there any typical fruits that have potential bug issues?

  1. Yes to all supermarkets.

  2. No knife confirmation needed

  3. In cut fruit strawberries are an issue. All melons are not problematic, neither are kiwi and pineapple. Apples and oranges are fine as well. What specific other fruits are cut?

Ah that was the one :smiley: strawberries will do it but good to know to get non-strawberry mixes.

I think that is basically it; typically raspberries aren’t put in cut fruit that I know of. Are blackberries (also not usually put in cut prepared fruit) an issue?

This is absolutely epic thank you.