Daily Harvest Brand

would any of the Daily Harvest brand smoothie products be considered kosher (shipped frozen and blended at home)?

  1. passion fruit and pineapple smoothie ingredients: pineapple, organic coconut cream, organic bananas, soursop puree, organic carrots, organic passion fruit, organic mango puree, water, organic camu camu powder.

  2. acai and cherry smoothie ingredients: organic cherries, organic blueberries, organic bananas, organic raspberries, organic acai puree (organic acai, citric acid), organic kale, organic psyllium husk powder.

  3. tart cherry and raspberry smoothie ingredients: organic cauliflower rice, organic tart cherries, organic mission figs, organic raspberries, organic blueberries

  4. dragon fruit and lychee smoothie ingredients: organic strawberries, organic lychee, organic pineapple, peaches, organic bananas, organic dragon fruit, water, organic flax seeds, organic hemp seeds.

  5. mango and papaya smoothie ingredients: organic mango, pineapple, organic acerola puree, organic papaya, organic macadamia nuts.

  6. mint and cacao smoothie ingredients: organic bananas, organic spinach, water, organic cacao nibs, organic cashew butter, organic chlorella powder, vanilla bean powder, organic peppermint extract

Yes they are Kosher as long as you buy them for smoothies with the intention of using them by blending.