Davening maariv before making kiddush

Do I need to daven maariv before making kiddush on Shabbat (Friday night)?

Let’s say I’m going to a dinner. I work on Friday afternoons (not on Shabbat).
In the winter months, when Shabbat starts early, I rush home, get ready, and go back out to the dinner.
Sometimes I’ll daven the minimum requirements so as to not keep people waiting…
Do I need to do that? Can I daven later, after dinner, instead of rushing and/or keep people waiting?
Ideally in the summer months I would daven by a minyan.

Shabbat Shalom

Yes you can daven Maariv after the meal.

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Thanks! I’d like to add the two following questions:

a) Does this apply only in the situation above or does it apply year round?

b) If davening after the meal can I also include kabbalat shabbat or would it be too late?


Shavua Tov

a. Anytime that you feel the need. If you feel that you will pray later with more kavana, that’s fine. If you’re tired or too hungry or stressed from work, these are all good reasons.

B. You may include Kabalat Shabbat as it contains Tehillim and Lecha Dodi which is a Piyut. Although, it is not necessary. This was set up as a way to utilize the time between mincha and Arbit (Maariv). It’s not something that you need to make up if you missed or skipped.


Awesome explanation thank you!