Do we need new spices?

Continuing the discussion from Spices requiring klp:

Do we need to purchase a new bottle of spices or can I use my open bottle? It has a shake top and I never open it to put a spoon inside of it to scoop spices out.

You can use that one.

1a. Does the same apply, i.e. using same spice bottle used throughout year on Pesach, if you throughout the year poured the spices over hot steaming food your cooking?

1b. Is it the same rule for salt, thought being it absorbs the stream.

  1. Do you need different salt containers for cooking dairy or meat, again thought being it absorbs the steam of the dairy/meat that’s cooking.

If you shake it directly over the hot pot, then better to use a new bottle. Same with meat and milk. If you did use it, its not an issue for the food or the spice bottle.