Don’t eat enough bread

If you wash for bread and eat less than kazayit what is the beracha acharona?

If the only thing you ate was this small piece of bread less than a kazayit you would not make any bracha achrona.

If you ate other foods during this meal you would make the appropriate bracha achronas for those items. So for example, if you ate fish you make boirey nefoshois. If you ate pasta you make al hamichyah, etc.

Yes I was referring to a full meal

Ok so there’s your answer.

But I’d like to bring your attention to another issue when not eating enough bread.

We only make a bracha when washing our hands for bread if we intend on eating a kebaitza (two kezaytim). We must wash our hand before eating any amount of bread but we only make a bracha of Al netilat yadyim if we intend on eating a kebaitza of bread.

To make a bracha achrona on the bread we only need to eat a kazayit.

Perhaps the questioner should be made aware that a k’zayit is much less than is generally assumed?

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Good point. Thank you.

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Is it the size of a average challah roll? Or is that more than a kazayit?

Kezyit is about 1/6th of a regular square machine matzah.

Even on Pesach?

During the Seder one should eat a kazayit deoraita for Motzei Matza which is 1/3 of a regular square machine Matza. For korech you only need to eat a regular kazayit of Matza which is 1/6 of a machine Matza.

I’m confused. Isn’t the typical machine matzah about 30 grams? and isn’t a kezayit 27 grams? what about with regard to a challah roll?

There’s no such thing as an average Challah Roll. Lol.
A kazayit is equal to half an egg.
So if you grind up the Matzah and fill half an eggshell, you got your kazayit.
All the shiurim that people present are usually much larger than this.
Kazayit literally means like an olive, and in the olden days they had some pretty big olives. But one thing we know clearly is that it is a half an egg. So that will give you a more definitive measurement.