Drinking from bottles and cans

Can one drink directly from a bottle or can that a drink came in? What if the bottle is glass and is therefore at least theoretically reusable?

Food inside a container can be emptied without tevilah but food cannot be put back inside without tevilah.

Therefore, if you purchase pickles in a glass jar you may eat the pickles without toveling the jar but you may not return a pickle to the jar even if there are still other pickles in the jar. This is something easily overlooked and happens often. You scoop out something from a jar and put some back right away because you took too much out (coffee grounds from a glass container. scoop some out and shake the spoon to shake some of the grounds back into the container).

Drinking from the bottle to empty its content would not be an issue for tevilah but may be an issue of derech eretz.

I’m sorry, but what about the condition (תנאי) Rav spoke about? (That is, at the time of purchase, keep in mind only the contents, but not the container itself)

That works too. That would also mean I can walk into your house and take your jars.

What to do if someone did put a pickle back or shook some coffee back in?

After the fact it would be permitted to continue using. It would not make the food forbidden.

Being that most people don’t reuse the pickle jar why would one require tevilah
Moreover even if one establishes that they want to use it isn’t that considered kli sheasah YISROEL

Firstly, everyone reuses their pickle jars as explained above. People take out a pickle to drop it back in to get a different one. Happens all the time.

Second, the jar is a kli for food in the manufacturing plant, not in the Yisroel’s possession.

You’re welcome!
But I wanted to say that not only does this also work, but if a person makes such a condition once, then this is enough forever. and that solves the issue…

Correct. thanks. Thats what I do.

This may solve the issue for you, but it is not necessarily a practicable eitza for everyone or every family

I don’t understand why it doesn’t suit everyone?

I see. Thanks. What about something like a can of pickles, where you have to remove the top with a can opener and the can is clearly not for reuse?

Could you explain the spiritual reasoning behind not putting back in canister or bottle?

Most of those cans are aluminum and dont require tevilah. for starters. Secondly those cans, are for the most part not reusable, (whereas glass jars most definatley are) and would once again not need tevilah.

An item. like a glass jar, that transfers from the domain of a non jew to the higher spiritual sphere needs to dipped in a mikveh. Just as the non jew himself needs tevilah if he is converting.