Eating in Jordan



How should one go about eating when going to Jordan? What foods can one rely on? Is milk ok there? Packaged bread in a supermarket?
Any help would be appreciated


Pita with olive oil and zaatar
You can buy fruits and veggies and olives and nuts.
Packaged breads are fine.
Milk and cheese could be problematic. I don’t know. I was never there. But in a 5-star hotel you can rely on their milk and butter.
Note… Arabs can often use camels milk.

Cookies and crackers packaged are fine if all good ingredients.
You can eat their fish if you confirm there are fins and scales. But you will need to Kasher the pot, make sure all ingredients are kosher, and put the food yourself on the fire. Many restaurants will let you do that if you ask.

You need to always watch out for bishul Akum.
Tuna cans are fine.

That’s all I can think of.