Electronic alarm clock


Somewhere along the way, with all the gray area surrounding electricity on Shabbos, I began using the type of alarm clock shown here, which has an LED (i assume) lite that lights up the dial when you randomly press the ‘snooze’ button or set the alarm time. It beeps to get you up, etc.
I set the clock ON SHABBOS, and I silence the beeping on Shabbos.
Does the Rav allow this?

Another related item:
When my wife’s radio alarm starts blaring on Shabbos morning, bec. she forgot to set it to OFF before Shabbos, I go over and move the lever to shut it. Am I ok doing this?

I know from the Rov that if my house alarm goes off, not only can i press the code to stop the alarm, but i can even answer the phonecall from the central station that always follows and tell the dispatcher that it was a false alarm…to prevent chilul Hashem of police having to show up for nothing…

Can I go one step further and ask about cellphones and computers, which also work on LED, if that is not a violation of Shabbos?

While there are many disagreements to the nature of the issur of electronics nonetheless, the Rav does not allow the use of electricity in any capacity on Shabbat. The examples you brought are NOT an exception and are not permitted.


Does the Rav really allow the house alarm situation above?

See the above response.