Fast Day Ending

For the upcoming fast that starts the 3 weeks, myZmanim shows three different times at which one may end the the fast: 32, 36 and 43 minutes after sunset.

How long after sunset does Rav Abadi hold that the fast day ends? Does need to have davened maariv before eating?

For this fast day you can eat 25 minutes after sundown. One need not daven Maariv before eating unless sitting down for a big meal or bread.

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How those 25 minutes are calculated ?

25 minutes after shkiya (sunset)


13.5 minutes for Geonim (typo)

Thought the shittah of the Geonim which is accepted as the Halacha is 3/4 of a mil which is 13 minutes in shaot zemaniyot. Given that the average day currently is around 80 minutes should then end of the fast have been 20 minutes after sunset?

Thank you! Is that 25 minutes applied throughout the country?

my question was how the rav determined those 25 minutes (and not 20 or 30 etc…)
is there a specific formula to define this specific time ? shaot zmaniot, geonim night etc…

@assia Between 20 and 25 is about right. Rabbi Generally goes with 20 on minor fasts and 25 for Tisha bav
@Yesodei The Contiguous United States (Not Alaska or Hawaii)
@Frank Mostly based on observations of Sunset in Lakewood and Deal,NJ over the horizon

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Can One break their fast after Tisha B’Av 25 minutes after Shkia too?

Yes. If there is a need. Otherwise pays to wait a few more minutes.