French press

Can you use a French press to make coffee on shabbos?

Not good for Shabbat.

What about for yom tov?

No problem

Please help me understand this. I had always assumed a french press to be permissible on Shabbat for Sepharadim, as we don’t worry about bishul achar afiyah. Since we are allowed to pour water from a kli rishon into a cup to make Turkish coffee, in what way is the press different? Is it DASH? Is the relatively small amount of water that is absorbed into the coffee considered BORER? Is this the halachah. or a Chumra? With Yom Kippur coming up, I need to know if I should add this on to my teshuvah list. Thank you, and Gmar Ketivah Tovah!

The issue with French Press on Shabbat is Borer. On Yom Tov is it ok.