Gas Stove on Yom Tov

  1. We just purchased a new gas oven. The burners have an electric ignition. Is it permissible to turn them on on yom tov?

  2. In another answer [ ], it is written that one may not turn off a gas burner on yom tov if "you need to turn it up in order to get it off. "
    Does this mean that you can’t raise or lower the flame on yom tov at all on such a stove, even not to turn off?
    Or perhaps is the reason one may not turn the flame off on such an oven because one would have to pass the electric igniter before it went off?

  3. Later in that same answer, it is written “If you play around with your stove … you will see that as you turn it toward off, it goes higher and higher. Then keep turning it, and if you do it very slowly, it starts to go lower and lower till it is off.”

However, our burners do not seem to work like that. Rather, as you turn them off, they rise higher, then you hear the ignition clicking, then they turn off. However, I experimented, and find that, if I turn a burner off very quickly, while the flame rises initially, the clicking noise associated with the igniter does not happen. Is it permissible for us to turn the burners off on yom tov in this latter manner.?

Thank you very much for all of your help and guidance. Chag kasher v’samayakh.

  1. You can turn it off and ignore the electric ignition since that’s not your intention.

  2. Raising the flame not for cooking purposes or for a good use is not allowed even on Yom tov.

  3. I don’t think you can turn them off if you need to raise the flame first.