General ingredient question

I’ve seen elsewhere on the forum that you wrote, going by ingredients is trickier on passover.

However for products like beans and tomato paste, where the only non natural ingredient is something like citric acid, ferrous gluconate, or other ingredients which have been approved as ok for passover on this forum, can we assume it’s kosher for passover?

ie, my tuttorosso tomato paste is not marked kp, only ou kosher. ingredients are tomatoes and citric acid. I have many similar items which contain plant based items (like beans) and one or two other ingredients which have been repeatedly approved on this forum as kp. do I still need to make a post for each one of these items or can I assume that kp ingredients=kp?

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Youre right. Those type items are easy. If there is an ingredient you’re not aware of, then ask.
We often google our medications and know more about them than the doctor. We can rely on our own research when it comes to Pesach too. Post things that you’re actually not sure of.