Hala, parve?

Dear rabbis,

Is there a need for hala to be specifically parve? Can one still say hamosi on Shabat or hag on a dairy hala (say, with cheese inside)? Obviously, there would be no meat at the meal.

Thank you.

Cannot make Chalah dairy


Got it. For my own edification,

  1. if this happened bediavad, was one yotse that shabat meal?
  2. could a dairy chala count as the second loaf for lehem mishne? (with the other loaf being parve, and being the one you say hamosi on and eat a kabetsa from initially)
  1. Yes
  2. The issue has nothing to do with Shabbat. There’s a rabbinical prohibition of baking dairy bread any time. So it shouldn’t be around at all.