Hot Sauce kashrut

I am a hot sauce enthusiast. Unfortunately, many of them do not have a marking. Can I conclude that they are kosher based on their ingredients? Which ingriedients should I look out for that could make them unkosher?
(Obviously wine, is vinegar an issue? Should I just post the individual sauces I am considering?)

Look at the ingredients, if you’re familiar with them, and they’re kosher, great.
If you’re not sure about one or two ingredients, google them.
If you’re still not sure, feel free to post the ingredient panel. You can take a picture and upload the picture. We went high tech here :):dark_sunglasses:

I have a number I am looking at.

All kosher for year round use. No need for certification.

Hi, I also really like hot sauce, what are the name of these hot sauces?

If you look carefully you will see the names of the products