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Please lmk if this is a reliable kosher certification for vegan restaurants ( and other restaurants)

We are not familiar with this hashgacha


I don’t know if this is something you do- if not, no worries- but would someone be able to look into it?

IKC, by Rabbi Zev Schwartz, certifies many popular restaurants in Manhattan (many vegan places, such as by chloe, and other meat and dairy establishments). There are many who claim it is not valid on the internet for various reasons - I’ve tried many times over the . past two years or so to get in touch by phone and email and have not had any luck yet (and others have told me they have had the same experience).

If anyone has gotten in touch to and knows the stance on mashigiach temidi, stam yenam, etc., please do share!

Rabbi Schwartz explains his stance on mashgiach temidi on his website. It can be found here: http://nyrabbi.blogspot.com/2010/08/kosher-conversation-constant.html?m=1

Additionaly, I copied pasted his response below:

Kosher Conversation - Constant Supervision

Dear sir,
I request an answer to several questions. Is there a full time mashgiach at Blank’s restaurant? If not, how can it be certified as strictly kosher?

Thanks for your question. I appreciate your respectful words.
Actually according to the Halacha there is no concept of hashgacha tamidis. (Constant Supervision)
The concept of hashgacha is based on trust and a bit of fear.
The very vast majority of people are honest and sincere in how they run their business and according to Halacha we are allowed/supposed to trust them unless we have a clear reason not to. And then no amount of hashgacha can replace trust.
As far as fear goes the Halacha is clear that “Yotzei V’nichnas” (coming in unannounced at any possible time) is enough. And the frequency of visit is NOT delineated by Halacha. All of that frequency of visit is opinion and manufactured.
I believe that Hashgacha Tamidis is an unnecessary and unfair imposition. Actually it is a much bigger sin to extort money from a restaurant owner unnecessarily.
I hope this answers your question. Feel free to contact me further with any other questions.

With respect to your question for more information, below are some helpful links:

https://podcast.headlinesbook.com/e/12217-vegetarians-in-halacha-does-a-vegan-restaurant-need-a-hashgacha/ (listen to the interview and read the supplemental packet)

(for the record, Rabbi Schwartz’s has been very responsive to my emails)

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Just to reiterate, we don’t know Rabbi Schwartz and are not familiar with the agency’s policies. Feel free to research and keep us posted.