Impossible and Beyond Burger confusion for Ashkenazim

Your posts on Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger are confusing. One year you said Beyond Burger was OK on Pesah for ALL, now when I looked it says only Sefardim, but Impossible Burger seems to imply good for All.
Please clarify.
Rabbi Alvan Kaunfer

Ingredients may change from year to year. We never rely on last years posts unless we know for a fact that there is never an issue for that particular product. Please let me know which specific post or product you are referring to so that I can address your question about permissibility for ashkenazim.
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I only have the Beyond Burger package–attached

Thank you for posting. This particular product of theirs has Pea Protein as the second ingredient which is Kitniyot and a problem for Ashkenazim.

is Pea Protein kitniyot since it’s heavily processed? I wonder if it could be considered similar to oils produced from kitniyot

Good question. It is still considered kitniyot

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