Is Huel kosher?

Is huel kosher?

Yes, kosher, all flavors.

This is not correct, and quite irresponsible.

The KLBD certifies many (not all) flavors as kosher for the UK only.

Most offerings in the US are not kosher certified.

Even if this was true at the time that you wrote this, you need to consider that the company may in the future have different offerings, and someone in the future may come across your post and assume that everything is A-OK.

I also do not believe this was true in the US at the time that you wrote this

Ok so let us clarify. The KLBD doesn’t make something kosher.

If the ingredients of this product are kosher then it’s kosher.

If the ingredients change, then it would not be the same product we are saying is kosher.

Kashrus agencies the way we see today is a new phenomenon of the last few decades, not a requirement of halacha. It’s more a convenience than a requirement.

The exception to this rule are ingredients that do require certification such as cheese, grape juice and wine, chicken and meat, etc.

And this is only by manufactured products that have oversight by the government like the FDA.

And food for thought: how can the KLBD certify ite kosher if the ingredients don’t have kosher certification?

Oh gosh I hope you’re joking.

The factories are different, the laws in each country are different.

Obviously KLBD doesn’t make it kosher, but they can’t certify factories to which they don’t have any access, and no supervising Mashgichim.

A Mashgiach is not a new concept, although our modern world has given rise to kashrus companies.

No, in the old days you couldn’t eat from some random stranger with no track record of being a Gd-fearing Jew. See Rambam Hilchos shechita and practically all of Halacha.

And to your last point, with no one verifying, how can you be sure that the ingredients are (handled) the same?

Even Huel doesn’t claim that it’s definitely kosher ingredients, just waiting on certification, as some other companies do. They write clearly that it’s not yet certified in the US.

I’m not much an internet poster, and won’t be replying to this conversation.

I wrote my original comment to save other people from relying on this incorrect (at least as of today’s date) blanket statement that all of Huel is kosher

And btw, there is grape juice in Huel, which the KLBD verifies as kosher grape juice for the UK version, and which you definitely cannot assume that the us factories are using, incurring extra expense, without any agreement in place for certification.

A Mashgiach/kashrus agency would have some insight here. I’m reasonably sure that you don’t know what brand grape juice Huel uses.

What Mitzvah do you have to assure people that a non certified product is kosher?

This attitude can lead to being Machshil people, and should be avoided, certainly as we approach RH.


You’re entitled to your opinion. Rav Moshe Feinstein does not agree with your opinion.

And which product has grape juice? I dont see it in the ingredients which by Law it must be listed.