Kedushin valid or invalid? Get needed or not?

Asking for a relative

"I want to know if there is a way to invalidate my marriage as I understand to marry a Kohen if you were married before, there are some factors to negate a marriage. I don’t have contact with the rabbi , who I don’t know and never actually knew, and one witness was from my ex’s side, I don’t know how to get a hold of, the other witness died already.

As far as Ketubah, the name that was used on it is my Hebrew name, however it isn’t a name I went by, most didn’t call me by that. Also, my parents Hebrew names we just made up when we came to US as immigrants. My father’s name we used I think in Ketubah but no one really knows his real Hebrew name (even if he was alive) , as his bris was in Ukraine , and done in secret. Thus, my name on Ketubah isn’t correct

None of this ever came up. I also know that on my Gett, they didn’t even use my Hebrew name because the rabbi of Beis Din handling the issue said, didn’t matter. Thus, do any of these things invalidate the Ketubah, and the marriage, therefore finding a loophole to marry a Kohen for me.

Having read what Ketubah states, being of one mind and heart kind of a thing, I didn’t know my ex husband didn’t believe in the Creator. He said he believed in higher power, but when I was married he said he didn’t and I could never discuss G-d. Had I known that, I would have never married him. He turned out to be an atheist. Marriage with lies.

Is there anything else that might help me with negating my marriage that you might need to know?"

Now a few words from me personally, from what I know the forbidden part is if the woman got a get making her a ge’rushah but if the get was never needed and the ketubah was invalid then she wouldn’t be considered a ge’rushah. Furthermore what I remember reading from mishneh Torah is that if the husband or wife doesn’t tell the other about a (physical) blemish that he or she has and that blemish would make the man or woman no longer attracted to the other then that would invalidate the ketubah and no get is needed, I think that even if it’s not a physical blemish like let’s say for example here, he lied about his lifestyle and his belief system and now that she knows that she’s no longer attracted to him. And as stated she would have never married him if she would have known the truth. There are many other things that can invalidate the ketubah like demanding sex in a high enough voice for certain people to hear passing by I’m not sure what when when but that’s not the point, anyway… what’s the answer?

This isn’t a black and white issue. There are times that one can invalidate a kesuba. Your first stop should be the Rabbi who was Mesader Kedushin (did the Ceremony) . He would be the first call of any Rabbi looking into this. You need to ask him point blank if he shares your opinion of your ex husband’s status at the wedding. Then go from there

From the wording of the ketubah she mentioned, this was not an Orthodox ketubah (being of one mind and heart), and probably not an Orthodox ceremony.

I didn’t see that in her post. Her hebrew name, even though she rarely uses it, should be in kesuba. A Get can require other names and so is more complicated, because a kesuba is only part of the marriage procedure and a Get is the only process for divorce.

“probably not an…” Its never good to assume.