Keurig coffe machine

Do we need to kasher the coffee machine for pesach use?

It can’t be koshered on Pesach

Sephardim would have to, if they use it for mostly Chametz coffees. Otherwise it can be used.

Ashkenazim, would have to, if they used a chametz coffee in it.

Not familiar with one that would be chametz, but everything is possible.

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Is it because of the plastic components?

The kashering would be for the metal parts.

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I was wondering if you could clarify what is meant by mostly chametz coffees? Does it make a difference if it was occasional or primary use? What if it was the most recent use?

Also, how do you go about koshering a Keurig machine?


The above post was about koshering ON Pesach. Before Pesach you can run a plain cup of hot water through it. Although to be honest it’s unlikely that it’s needs any koshering at all.