Keurig Machine In Hotels

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If one arrives at a hotel and there is a keurig coffee machine in the room, may one use the machine as is or is kashering required? If so can one kasher right away or must one wait? Is the correct way to kasher it by running a empty cycle?

The kashering question is based on the status of flavored coffee and the prevalence of flavored coffee that is actually non kosher.

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No need to kasher it.

Hi Hakham. I was wondering if you can point me to the source and/or provide me the logic behind the answer. I respect your opinion I only ask so i could further learn more about this topic.

I have yet to find a flavored coffee that is not kosher.

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i dont know if these are still on productions-but there is this concept…

Campbell’s used to make K-Cups with chicken in them, but I think they are discontinued now.

Here’s one that has bacon … it’s uncommon for sure, but it’s out there

Unless there is reason to believe that a particular machine was used with non kosher kcups and within the last 24 hours, it is not an issue and you may use your kosher coffee in them.

נותן טעם לפגם is only בדיעבד why shouldn’t he kasher it even if it was more then 24 hours ?
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A few reasons.

  1. The machine is not yours
  2. It’s a safek if anything non kosher was used in it.
  3. Even if at some point something not kosher was used, you can assume that it has been used at least once since that point and running it with a k cup would be enough to kasher it.