Kiddush without mezonos/washing

How much grape juice must one drink to be yotzei kiddush if one does not want to wash nor eat Mezonos afterwards? (Rather , one wants to eat fruit etc. afterwards , and only wash and have a meal later on )

In order to be Yotzeh Kiddush you need to eat Hamotzie or Mezonot

Or you can drink wine. Not sure how much wine is required. I think rov reviit
@Yisrael.Kleinhendler maybe you can remind us how much wine is needed

The Rabbi says that ideally one should have Mezonot.

There is an option of drinking a revi’it of wine (must be bichdey shtiyat revi’it which is a few seconds) in addition to the wine drank for Kiddush. See Mishnah Berurah 273:27

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If I recall correctly, the Rav writes in the first volume of Or Yitzchak, that one can use wine for “Mekom Se’udah”, but NOT grape juice. There is a machloket in poskim whether it is sufficient to drink a full revi’it of the kiddush cup, or if one must drink rov revi’it of the cup, plus and additional full revi’it. I would be interested to hear what the Rav is posek.

I checked with the Rav before I posted.

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