Kirkland extra fancy mixed nuts

Kirkland extra fancy mixed nuts Kosher for pesach?

Kosher for passover for all

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It’s kosher for Ashkanzim even though made with Peanut Oil?

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If peanuts are actually considered Kitniyos…
Kitniyos is batel (rendered irrelevant) in Rov. Which means if 51% of the item is non-Kitniyos, it’s ok for Ashkenazim.

Additionally, the fact that it is in a liquid form as an oil, many Rabbis will not consider that a problem

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what about the allergy warning of “may contain wheat”??

Allergy statements are made to avoid lawsuits. It doesn’t mean there’s an actual ingredient of wheat in the product. It’s just that some people have such sensitive allergies that even if some particles of the wheat flying in the air (coming from a different product made in the same plant) end up in the product, they’ll have a bad reaction.
This does not affect the product halachicly.

Does it make a difference whether this is purchased before or during Pesach?


Is this kosher for Pesach 2019?

Kosher for Pesach for all