Kirkland Ocean Spray

Someone brought this without realizing that their is grape juice in it. Would this be Kosher since it’s blended in it and not only grape juice? (That’s of to begin with grape juice itself would be allowed.) Assuming it won’t be would this be okay since it’s only partly grape juice?

Please post ingredients or picture of the ingredients

Thank you, besides the allowance for it being cooked (for those who won’t drink grape juice without a Hashgacha) would this case be even more lenient in that it’s not the majority but only part of the ingredients?

It’s probable that you’re right since there are three different juices and each one is less than the water that they’re in. So that means it should be less than a sixth.
But in my experience, people who won’t drink cooked grape juice would certainly not drink something that was batel in 6 other portions of liquids… it’s a cultural thing. The fact that it’s clear in Shulchan Aruch doesn’t change anything.

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You mentioned in a different post that you have to know if a goy touched it before it was cooked. How do we find that out? If the grape juice says from concentrate we should assume that it was cooked and ok to drink? Or do we still have to find out if a goy touched it before it was cooked?

The only way to know is if the factory is setup in a way that it’s impossible for a human to touch it until it’s cooked. You won’t know until you visit the plant to see for yourself.

You cannot assume concentrate is kosher just because it’s cooked. You need to know that no one could have touched it before it was cooked and that is extremely difficult to figure out.

Touching the juice includes touching with a utensil. Does not have to be literally touching hand to juice.

Many plants we researched do have the ability for the company to taste test the juices even at very early stages using a utensil to scoop out some juice. That would render the juice no good if it happens before being cooked.

So I guess all grape juice has to be marked then because it’s almost impossible to be sure?

Correct, unless verified otherwise.

My understanding is that juices for concetrate are normally extracted from the fruit using the hotpress method, where the fruit is cooked as it’s being juiced. Would that solve the problems? Juice companies are usually able to disclose whether they use hotpress or not

Please provide more info. How hot does the juice get? What is the source of the heat?

This is old information and based on my memory but Welch’s would put the grapes into a container and raise the temp to over 100°F (forget the exact temp) and press the juice out while it’s hot. If something like this could solve the issue, I could try to get the details