Kirkland smoked salmon

This is the 2 pack lox that Costco carries. Ingredients: Smoked salmon, salt, distilled vinegar, natural wood smoke, color added. Would this be kosher for Pesah or not? Thanks as always.

Kosher for Pesach for all

How about for this year, still OK to use on pesach?

Hi, for Passover the vinegar may be an issue. Try contacting the company and asking what the source of the vinegar is.

It is the same ingredients as last time this was asked.

correct. But distilled vinegar can be made from grain or from wheat, and the factory can change. Therefore the only way to be certain is to ask the company what type of vinegar they are presently using

This year, Kirkland Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon ingredients are:
Sockeye salmon, salt, brown sugar, natural wood smoke. It bears a Choff-K hechsher with the code K-1111.
Is this kosher for Passover? Thank you

These ingredients are kosher. Please make sure to read the ingredients on the actual package since we have seen this product with different ingredients. If vinegar is listed in the ingredients it may be a problem.

My ingredients are written on the package as follows: Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar), Salt, and Natural Hardwood Smoke.

Color Added

Kosher for Pesach?

Kosher for pesach for all

What is color added?

It’s ok.

I understand it is okay. What is it though?

We don’t know but we have some FDA regulations to rely on. There are rules about quantity, allergens and other things that allow us to permit without knowing what it is.

Amazing! Do you know where I could find these FDA regulations in order to educate myself on these rules to better understand your psakim and methodology. Like to understand what rules you can rely on to say something is kosher without knowing the ingredients.

You can start here…

Beautiful, Chag Sameach!