Kosher for Passover criteria

Scrolling through the questions and answers it seems that EVERYTHING is Kosher for Passover so long as it is Kosher to begin with and the listed ingredients do not contain any ingredients that are prohibited for Passover.
Do I have that right?

It’s all in the perspective. You can also say that NOTHING is kosher for Passover unless the ingredient panel lists only items that are kosher for Passover. Either way, I think you got it. :slight_smile:


Do you have a list of ingredients that are problematic?

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I can list some, but it can be misleading to post a list of items that are problematic. People might assume that if it’s not on the list it is ok.

Watch out for these common ingredients
Some are always a problem. Some may be a problem.
wheat, barley, wheat starch, grain vinegar, alcohol, malt, yeast, rye, spelt, Erythritol, yeast extract.

Any other moderators please feel free to add.
This is not a conclusive list. Just some of the problem ingredients that we keep hitting.

Look to the Pesach List for many ingredients that are ok for Pesach.


Can some of the other moderators list some more ingredients to look out for for Pesach?

I notified them! :slight_smile: