Lechem mishnah


Can a matzah/challah roll be used for lechem Mishnah over and over again if only a crumb keeps being removed by each user and roll/matzah is still mostly whole ?


Sliced bread and/or sliced roll or challah can be used for lechem mishneh, as long as the slicing wasn’t done in front of the person making the beracha.


Of course, if you have a שלם then it’s better to make the beracha on that one.


If a crumb is removed from a matzah or roll you can’t even tell. Which is why the next person has no idea that someone used it alreadyfor lechem Mishnah. Can that be put back in the box/bag to be used lchatchilah for lechem Mishnah for future users ?


How can a crumb count for lechem Mishnah? You should be eating a kazayit.


Very often the lechem Mishnah item is not the desired type of bread that the user wishes to eat. I have enough slices of bread, brokennpieces of matzah and slices of challah and whatnot to eat. Shleimim are in high demand when there’s multiple people making hamotzei at different times. My box of matzoh actually looks all shaleim but a few of them have tiny tiny pieces broken off (thanks to lechem Mishnah usage) which still makes them shaleim as less than a 1/60 is broken off.
I actually have this Shaila every single week.
So my question remains - can lechem Mishnah be returned to the matzah box to be used by some future person for lechem meshnah if only a crumb was removed from it when used ?


We are going in circles here.
If it is not the desired bread that the person wants and the desired bread is broken or sliced, better to make the beracha on the desired bread.
If the matzah or bread is missing a crumb, 20 crumbs, or 1,000 crumbs, it’s the same as if it was sliced, which would be ok too.


I thought we are supposed to make lechem Mishnah on shleimim , not on sliced bread.
It seems you’re saying that it is better to make lechem Mishnah on sliced desired bread over a shaleim?




The Shalem concept is mainly in relation to the beracha. It is very clear in hilchot berachot that you should make the beracha on the desired foods.


Is there a source for this? (In terms of NOT witnessing the slicing)


Well, let’s start with the obvious. Do you have a source for “witnessing the slicing?”