Lemon in hot water on Shabbat

Am I allowed to pour hot water from my urn into a cup which has a lemon in it? Furthermore, please let me know if I do pour it into a Kli Shlishi, would that change anything if the water is still Yad Soledet Bo.

Thank you for this service - its great.


Pouring from the urn into a cup with lemon is not allowed.
You can pour water into an empty cup and then add lemon. Kli shlishi would be fine as well. Doesn’t matter if it’s still Yad Soledet.

The first is irui k’li rishon–always asur. The bigger question is if R’ Abadi believes there is such a thing as k’li sh’lishi?

R’ Abadi maintains the position that there’s no difference between kli sheni and shlishi.