Maariv before shkia on Friday night

Is it okay to daven maariv a little before shkia on Friday night? I daven mincha at candle lighting time, and I’m wondering if I should wait a little to begin kabbalas shabbos and maariv.

Daven mincha a little later at 5 minutes before shkia, and then kabbalas shabbos and you may begin Marriv 20 minutes after shkia.

That would be lechatchilla.

Why are you saying to daven mincha little later. Thank you

This way there is no need to wait as long. After mincha you can begin kabbalas shabbos and if you sing it can possibly take the 20 minutes or so untill you begin marriv.

if someone wants to make “early shabbos” do they have to daven mincha before plag, or is it okay to daven mincha/maariv after blag and before shkia?

What about Davening Minha before Plag Haminha? Then take in Shabbat after Plag Haminha with Kabbalat Shabb-t and Daven Aravit ( Shemono Esri). Then after 3 stars Say Keritat Shema with the Berachot?

There is a dispute in the Gemara regarding the deadline for Mincha and the beginning time for Arvit. One opinion is Plag Hamincha, the other is Shkia. The Gemara states that one may follow either opinion. The question is how to apply that practically.
Rabbi Abadi follows the opinion that one must choose one way and stick with it. This means if you daven Mincha up until sundown, you may not pray Arvit until sundown. No changing back and forth.
Therefore, one who wants to make “early Shabbos” can daven Mincha any time before Shkia. Shabbat can be accepted any time after Plag Hamincha. One can make Kiddush and have their meal… Arvit must wait until sundown. Just to further add to the calculation, there are different opinions regarding when Shkia actually is. Preferably one must wait 20 minutes after sundown to daven.

If the mitzvah of Kiddush is from the Torah how can you fulfill it when mideoraysa it isn’t shabbos. Same question acc to taz that eating three meals on shabbos is min hatorah. Thanks

When you make Kiddush, you bring in the Kedusha of Shabbos with the Kiddush. It is considered night M’deoraisa according to most.
If you can, take a look at 'ערוך השולחן רסז ה.