Matzah not on Pesach

What’s the bracha for Matzah not on Pesach? I was told it’s not Ha’Motzi on all other days of the year. Why is that?

Hamotzi is the correct bracha.

Why do others say its Mezenot? I just want to understand.

Its actually a fascinating, albeit a somewhat complicated explanation.

There is a concept in Hilcot brachot that the manner in which the food is eaten contributes towards its bracha.

For example, a cracker by definition is customarily eaten as a snack and therefore even if it would be similar to a bread the bracha would me mezonot. Case in point would be matzah crackers (tam tam shaped crackers that taste exactly like matzah), where the Rav has in fact ruled the bracha is mezonot.

Neverthelss when the item is eaten as a meal (bread) or in our discussion Matzah, the bracha would be Hamotzie.

Now let us understand the historical phenomenon of modern day matzah. Many years ago there was no such thing as matzah available as a food staple. It was ONLY made before Passover, exclusively for the holiday of Passover. It was consumed as a bread at the Seder and throughout the holiday and EVERYONE made an haomtzie. Nevertheless in the weeks leading up to Passover when the Matzah was hand backed (before the advent of machine matzah) people would love to snack on the tidbits that were considered a treat. Therefore the intended consumption of the matzah during the duration of these pre Passover days was exclusively as a snack ( they also did not eat it in large quantities, as they simply didn’t have) and the correct bracha was in fact mezonot.

Later with the advent of machine matzoh, and the large scale commercialization of matzoh as a food staple it was eaten (and continues to be eaten) as a bread.

It is the Rav’s contention that those that cling to this notion that matzah is mezonot are in fact mistaken.

I hope I have clarified this for you.


Yes that brings a great clarification thank you so much!

Baruch HaShem

Knowing that each Matzah machine is about 30 grams, how much Matzah requires Birkat Hamazon?

Thank you

1/3 of a machine matzah eaten within 4 minutes