McCallan whiskey - Not Pesah related

Non-pesah related

Hi rabbi, I have a question about Mccallan whiskey products. There is a rumor that it is stored in old wine barrels (for added flavor?). I am trying to ask the company if there is truth to this but for now let’s assume it is.

  1. yayin nesekh is never batel correct?
    2a. Is sten yeinam batel 1/6?
    b. is batel only within wine mixtures or other with products ie whiskey (min bemino)?

Re: SA YD 134

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We don’t have Yayin nesech today, nor did we have it in the last 500 years.

We do have Yayin Stam and that is Batel in other liquids 1/6.

The Sherry casks do not pose a kashrut problem.

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Thank you, but is the reasoning bc of noten taam lifgam or bitul? Because if the wine adds to the taste, wouldn’t niether of those apply?

“Adds to the taste” is not a criteria in this situation.
Wine is batel in 6 parts in other liquids. For example, if you have 6 parts water and one part wine, it is batel. That’s the Halacha. You can certainly taste the flavor of the wine in that mixture. Yet the Halacha says that it is batel. It is batel in the Mcallan just the same… even if you do taste it.

Batel Beshishim is a whole different story. That’s not applicable here.

In that case, if one is having drinks out in a nonkosher restaurant/bar and they put a splash of vermouth/champagne, is that batel? what about red wine vinegar in a vegan product ordered out?

If the drink is made for you and they mix in the wine because you requested it, that would be a problem.
Wine vinegar is a problem and would be a problem if mixed into foods. If it’s in a salad dressing you can look to see if it is less than 1/6th of the other liquids and then it is batel

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what if it wasn’t made for me and they are just serving them ready made?

If it’s just a splash, it’s batel. If it’s less than 1/6th its fine.