mezonos bread/dough



If one substitutes juice instead of water in dough can a mezonos be made on the item provided it is not eaten as a meal? does it have to be 8 kezesim to be considered a meal?

if yes, would juice from concentrate be ok or does it have to be regular juice?


Apple juice instead of water does not make the bread mezonos. The bracha remains hamotzie and requires washing before eating and birkat hamazon after eating.

If it looks like bread, smells like bread, feels like bread, tastes like bread, IT IS BREAD! Apple juice doesn’t change anything about the dough or change the taste in any significant way so it is still bread. You would definitely not be ordering one of the breads made with apple juice to eat with your coffee like you would cake…


what about bread-y products that are labeled as being mezonos and certified with a hechsher? would one need to wash on that if it is not being eaten as meal/or enough of a quantity to be a meal?

thank you


Almost all “mezonos” breads are really Hamotzie and require washing even if one was to eat small amount or “not as a meal”. Bread is bread and requires washing. Cake is cake and doesn’t.


See אור יצחק ח’'ב -