Microwave crumbs

I found multiple crumbs of food in a microwave after having used it for some time with uncovered food, and I am not sure if they were meat, dairy, or both, or exactly when they were from. Does this pose an issue to the kashrut of the good and keilim cooked in the microwave. Also, all the crumbs were on the microwave bottom.

In the future make sure to keep the microwave clean. Also going forward cover meat or dairy dishes in the microwave. You do not need to cover both meat and dairy. Just choose one and always cover those.

You do not need to kasher your microwave or keilim in the case you presented above.

Do we need to double wrap? Does it need to be airtight? I find that sometimes when I put Tupperware in the microwave (I also wrap it in a plastic bag) the lid kind of pops open from the pressure of the heat in the microwave so it’s technically only single wrapped. Anyway, how exactly should we be covering and to what extent? Thank you in advance

No need to double wrap. No need for airtight. Just put a plate or something on top and that’s enough.

Thank you. So to be clear, it’s not the vapor/steam emanating from the food that we are worried about, but actual food getting out and spilling in microwave?

We’re not really worried about a little steam getting out as much as we’re worried about something dripping down into the food.

If the microwave walls do not reach yad soledes bo, would the food need to be covered at all?

Very good question. Theoretically no. However since some areas can reach yad soledes - such as the glass plate, or if something was left in for a long time… we cover the food.

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If I use my microwave for dairy and I want to heat up something fleishig, Is it okay to use a “splatter cover” like this? Is there a need to also put something between the plate of food and the glass turntable in the microwave?

This is enough

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