Mitzvah of living in Israel

In the ravs opinion is there still a mitzvah to live in eretz yisrael? If yes what is the force of that mitzvah?

Yes, see Rambam

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Then why are there so many Religious Jews chutz la’aretz?

I understand America is easier to live in but is that a reason to neglect the mitzvah to live in eretz Yisrael?

Also why does the Rav not live in Yisrael? I know he lived there for awhile and moved to the states?
(Not judging just wondering. I live in the states for now as well.)

You asked if it is a Mitzvah, not if it is a Chiyuv. The Rav does not hold it is a chiyuv, but does hold it is a Mitzvah.

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He holds it’s a mitzvah kiyumis?

That is a distinction Rav Moshe makes (E"H 102) not the Rav. But see Rambam in Hilchos Melachim 5:7 where he explicitly states that a person may live anywhere in the world.

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Wow! Thank you for your reply. Thats very interesting I didn’t know there was a difference!
Why is there a difference between a Mizvah and Chiyuv?

I thought every mitzvah is a chiyuv if its applicable to each person.

Like the mizvot that pertains to women
are not applicable for men but are chiyuv for women. So wouldn’t the mitzvah of eretz Yisrael be applicable for everyone?

Thank you Tzadik, Shabbat Shalom
Kol Tuv

The Rambam does not say there is a Mitzvah.


I thought you mentioned above to see the Rambam as a source for the mitzvah

Does the Rav write this anywhere? Just curious.

What is the Rav’s reasoning if not a kiyumis? Isn’t that the definition of a mitzvah but one that is not optional?

Based on discussions I have had with the Rav in the past.